Monday, August 30, 2010

A smelly return and other stories

We came home to a very bad smell at our front door. Rotting cheese puffs? A drunk nesting in our portico? Nope. It was milk gone horribly wrong. We have our milk delivered via old-fashioned milkman, and for the second time, our cancelled order got delivered anyway. The milk had exploded onto the portico brick floor, giving our entryway a delightful vomit aroma. Not the way you want to be welcomed home.

In kitchen news, cabinet crown molding has been installed. The hood has also been installed (though not its innards). That lost hood insert has finally found its way here from California. Now it's our Rohl kitchen faucet that's mysteriously missing. No word from Yale Appliances on where it is or when it will arrive (or if it's already there). Kitchen fixtures seem to stray off-course worse than wayward teens.

Photos from today. This one's a little gollywonkers. Am I still wobbly from the ferry? (Speaking of ferries, book the passenger ferry if you're bringing your car to Nantucket. The passenger ferry has food service and lots of seats and tables on deck so you can enjoy the scenery. The freight ferry takes some passengers, but has none of the above. I'll have more photos from Nantucket later.)

Here's the hood with its reclaimed white oak trim. I haven't decided what color to paint it. The wall color? The Cooking Apple Green? I'm taking suggestions.

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