Thursday, August 5, 2010

Boston's 1st Annual Food Truck Festival

Flip Happy. Torchy's. The late, lamented Shuggie's.

I never thought I'd see the likes of them in Boston. These funky, tiny operations (usually housed in revamped trailers) channeled the soul of Austin. Laid back. Outdoorsy (there's nowhere to eat but outdoors when you're cooking out of a trailer). Serving up surprisingly sophisticated and delicious food. With its wintry chill and more buttoned-up rep, Boston wouldn't have anything similar, would it?

Then I found out about Boston's 1st Annual Food Truck Festival, this coming Sunday, August 8, from 10:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. Located at 500 Harrison Ave. Boston, MA, the festival promises to bring together an extensive and eclectic gathering of Boston food trucks.

Confirmed participants (per the event's Facebook page):
speed's hot dogs
m&m ribs
lincoln street coffee
dragon mobile disco
taza chococycle
south end pita
boston frosty
herrara's mexican grill
food truck nation
equal exchange coffee trike
grillo's pickles
the sausage guy
roxy's grilled cheese
b. good
trolley dogs

From my initial glance at this list, it looks like the food is more fair fare than the Austin Airstream contingent's menus. But if the gods (and my kidlings) cooperate, I plan to be there getting my calories on.


  1. hi, i'm christine, one of the producers of the boston food truck festival. thanks so much for highlighting the event! hope you came down and enjoyed the day. it would a glorious sight to see more airstreams and adventurous menus a la austin, but boston's scene is none too shabby (and, with the city's blessing, will rocket to a gastronomic height of no return). hope you had a great weekend! cheers, christine //

  2. Hi Christine. Thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately, my eldest kidlet came down with a fever the night before so I was unable to make it. I hope it was a huge success, and I'll be able to go to the 2nd Annual Food Truck Festival.


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