Thursday, August 19, 2010

Farrow & Ball Cooking Apple Green cabinets

I said cabinets were going to be installed today, right? I was a little right. The cabinets are a little installed.

And I'm not mad. Really. Because our GC loves our cabinets, and is installing them very, very, very carefully. Which is good. I'd rather that he take time and be extra careful than to make a mistake. An error at this stage would be even more costly (and would probably make me cry).

Because we're in the little crooked house with little crooked walls and the little crooked floors (and we have a little crooked dog...really!), the crew had to scribe every cabinet side that touched the walls. But wow! What a little crooked kitchen this is going to be! (And to go with that theme, even the photo is a little crooked!)

The Farrow & Ball Cooking Apple Green. I angsted about this color. I did. I stared at swatches until I was cross-eyed. And my poor husband was cross-eyed. And every neighbor, friend, and relative who was dragged into my kitchen was cross-eyed. Who in their right mind does pale green cabinets? So not neutral. So scary. Even as they were unloading the cabinets, I was fretting and worrying like crazy. But I love them. They're cheerful and vintage-y and look so at home here.

Here are the glass knobs from Anthropologie. They'll be mixed with vintage library pulls from Ebay and antique brass knobs and pulls from Horton Brasses. The Old White cabinets have wooden mushroom pulls painted the cabinet color.


  1. LOVE it!!! And I love Farrow and Ball paints. We did our bedroom in their Farrow's Cream. How long is it going to take until all your cabinets are installed?!

  2. Thanks! Pinkrootsnyc, what a coincidence! We're planning to paint the kitchen in Farrow's Cream. Do you like the color in your bedroom?

  3. Oh, and we're hoping the cabinets will be finished Monday. The hood surround needs to wait for our AWOL hood insert.

  4. Gina, I ALMOST did green cabinets - the same shade as yours - but I chickened out (actually my husband saw the sample and said uh-uh!) So I am envious and coveting them and think you are kick-a for being the designer maverick!

  5. Thanks, Benita! I didn't know we had such similar taste. Come up and visit so you can see them in person!

  6. I just painted my vintage cabinets Cooking Apple Green and I love it!!! I'm trying to decide on countertop colors. What did you do?

  7. We're going with Beleza soapstone on the Cooking Apple Green cabinets. It's black with a very slight greenish tinge. It should be installed Thursday (fingers crossed).

  8. I adore your cabinets. I too am in MA and would love to get an idea of pricing on these cabinets before I drive 1.5 hours to their showroom. Would you be willing to email me to give me a ballpark? My email is:

  9. Thanks, Kristin! I'd be glad to email you. Do you have a cabinet plan already? One thing I suggest is to call Patty and chat with her about your plans and your ideas. You'll probably get a better idea about price. Good luck! I remember how daunting the research and planning was.

  10. I am the queen of paint mistakes.Warm and cozy always turned out zany orange! I decided to research both the Farrow and Ball website and then see what you guy think. I've decided on Farrow Cream.No more mistakes, I hope. Lisa.

  11. Hi, I live in England and had been debating painting my kitchen cupboards cooking apple green. So I googled it and discovered your blog spot! I love the look of your units and think I will give it a go! Are you still happy with them?

  12. I am! It has been about a year, and I still love my Cooking Apple Green. The secret to this color is that it's neutral enough so that it's not jarring or intrusive. It's gentle and cheery and warm, and brings a touch of spring to our gray days.

    The paint has also held up very well. We're not gentle at all with our kitchen. We cook a lot...quite messily. We have three kids who have friends over. We throw lots of impromptu get-togethers with kids and dogs dashing about. And we still haven't put any shelf paper down. You must wait for the paint to cure (it took a good while...maybe a month) before really scrubbing it hard. Now I can scrub it with no effect on the paint at all.

    Good luck with your kitchen! I'd love to hear about it when you're done.

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  14. Awesome kitchen! 
    These were sprayed, correct? Do you know how many gallons of paint were used? Was farrow and ball primer used as well? We are trying to decide whether to paint the doors ourselves or have it professionally done. We can't find anyone who uses farrow and ball, only sherwin Williams. 
    My second choice is Benjamin Moore aura paint. Any info or advice would be very helpful. 


  15. Hi Mike,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. So sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. My blog has been sadly neglected lately.

    Yes, the cabinets were sprayed, and no, I can't remember off the top of my head how many gallons were used. An F&B stockist should be able to help you. F&B is also very communicative and helpful if you email them. We did not use F&B primer.

    I absolutely love my F&B paint. The color is cheery, but subtle and not muddy. Now that it has cured, it is unbelievably tough. We're messy, love to cook, love to entertain, and have hordes of kids running through our house. I've scrubbed many splotches of mystery sauce off my cabinets, and they get clean remarkably easily.

    One thing to note: F&B colors seem to vary according a lot according to light conditions. It's well worth buying a sample or samples, painting a moveable swatch, and moving it about your room when picking a color.

    Best of luck on your kitchen renovation!


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