Friday, June 11, 2010

Look what came in the mail...

...the other day.

Seven of these vintage brass library bin pulls from ebay! (The seller by the way, moondoghs, was fantastic and has various vintage items for sale.)

Aren't they gorgeous? The shape. The patina? I plan on putting them on the small Cooking Apple Green drawers. Here's the pull with the Cooking Apple Green paint and Beleza soapstone countertop. Love!

Speaking of Cooking Apple Green, we finalized our cabinet order yesterday. Gulp. I was having cold feet...heck, frozen and frostbitten feet...about the light green cabinets. Maybe we should do all of the cabinets in Old White? After all, light green cabinets?!? Not neutral. I could just hear one of HGTV hosts stating, "This is very taste-specific" in a tone dripping with disdain.

Then, at my cabinetmaker's, what do I see? Absolutely stunning cabinets in the process of being built. Painted pale green. Headed for a very upscale home.

Oh no! Maybe I'm not quirky or interesting. Maybe I'm just...trendy? Lord, I hope not.


  1. Those are so awesome. I love finds like that...makes me feel lucky, special, and really happy. Can not wait to see the finished cabinets!

  2. Thanks! I'm looking forward to seeing them too (but dreading all the chaos and dust that has to precede them).

  3. Hi from Bastrop, TX! Your bin pulls caught my eye on a search and I stopped by. How cool is it that you are from Austin? We are rebuilding after the fire and cabinet hardware is the latest stressor! We are living with painters tape handles at the moment. :) Anyway, Hello! from Texas.


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