Thursday, June 24, 2010

Too darn hot

"but I ain't up to my baby tonight
cause it's too darn hot
It's too darn hot
It's too darn hot"

This song has been humming in my head all morning, ever since I swung by Chronicles of a Country Girl. Not the Ella Fitzgerald or a Broadway version of Cole Porter's "Too Darn Hot." Nope. Playing on endless repeat in my personal mental soundtrack is Erasure's cover from the 1990 Red Hot + Blue album.

"It's too darn hot"

How did I ever survive in Texas? Temperatures are hitting the high 80s this morning, and the air feels sluggish and thick. I'm supposed to be steaming away wallpaper, heading out to pick Pop's birthday present (happy 77th!), and packing away the kitchen. Instead, I'm parked in front of our largest window unit, trying not to wilt. The kidlets are outside playing with water.

Some cooling images if it's hot where you are too.

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