Friday, June 4, 2010

Deal flash: Vermont Danby

Danby-lovers in the Boston area, take note.

Marble and Granite in Westwood, MA, has just received 16 slabs of 3 cm. honed Mountain White Danby. It's the first time they've had honed, less expensive Vermont Danby. The price is as fabulous as the marble. By choosing a Mountain White slab instead of Imperial Danby, we saved nearly $1,100. According to the stoneyard's charts, the honed Mountain White is far less expensive than Carrara.

This run of Mountain White has gorgeous charcoal veining with subtle hints of gray-green. It looks like it was made for our color scheme. Toward one end of the lot, the slabs are whiter with fewer veins. Toward the other end, the slabs have much more veining. There are some lovely glimmers in the stone and some areas that shade slightly cream, adding a touch of warmth. Sadly, it lacks the delicious caramel veining of Imperial Danby, but for a $1,100 savings? I don't mind. Really.

We chose the slab above. Because our marble runs (baking counter and bath vanity) will all be shorter, we wanted more veining. The whiter slabs with simpler veining like the one below would look spectacular over a long run or a large island.


  1. Congrats! Looks like the marble gods aligned to get you a beautiful white stone at a great price.

  2. Thanks! I'm resisting the urge to put that marble everywhere. It's that delicious.


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