Sunday, August 29, 2010

A tasting flight

Sorry. Sorry. Time slipped away. At the end of each sandy, salt-kissed day, I realized that there went another day without a blog entry.

But look at what was around me. It was so easy to get lost in this. And the eating and laughing and swimming and cycling and lazing and reading and more eating.

And oh yes, imbibing.

If you happen to be in Nantucket (and if you happen to enjoy a brew now and again), I highly recommend a visit to Cisco Brewers. If you enjoy a brew, but are sadly off the island, look for their beers at your local East Coast restaurant or market. Tucked away on a side road, Cisco Brewers sits behind a sign so discreet that you could easily whiz past it. Only the number of cars parked nose to rump on the side of the road hints at something happening. Something fun. Something popular.

We chose the tasting flight. The tasting flight, eight samples of Cisco Brewers' beers, is served in this adorable miniature glass that's yours to keep. We had amiable debates about which samples were our favorites. Mine was the Pumple Drumkin Spiced Ale. Possibly because of its name. Possibly because it tasted of fall, my favorite season.

The expansive stone-paved courtyard provided the perfect venue for sipping, people watching, and relaxing in the summer breeze. Dogs wandered past the table, pausing for brief, tail-wagging visits. Children explored the grounds, clutching icy cream sodas.

Blue skies. Good brew. Live music. Good company. Happy times.

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