Monday, August 9, 2010

Where, oh where...

Where, oh where are my plasterers? 
Oh where, oh where can they be? 
With their schedules short
and their blueboard long,
Oh where, oh where can they be?
(sung to the children's song, "Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone?")

Work is being done in my kitchen at a phenomenal rate of 1.5 days per week. Who knew a schedule could be so elastic? Ours is getting stretched longer than silly putty.

An unforeseen downside to having a not-so-big house is that it quickly becomes a much-too-small house during a major reno. It doesn't look like we'll be done by the start of school so there will be the challenge of finding a homework spot in the middle of this mess. And a place for the piles of school-generated paperwork. My kids may be lucky enough to say, "My mom lost my homework." 

Then there's the laundry obstacle course. How do we get to the washer and dryer? We go through the Plastic Tarp Forest, under the Low-Hanging Chandelier, and around Oak Flooring Mountain! We did it! Hooray! (Yes. Too much Dora warps the brain.)

Deep breath in. And out. And go find chocolate.

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