Sunday, August 15, 2010

DIY reclaimed white oak floors

Not a very inspired title, I'm afraid, but I'm running long on tired and short on inspiration. In a haze of fatigue that even coffee can't clear. I feel all thumbs, grappling clumsily with words. So, photos instead.

Reclaimed white oak tongue-and-groove flooring from Longleaf Lumber in Cambridge, MA. They're very nice folks and have beautiful wood products, including antique heart pine counters and flooring.

Will had the grueling job of installing the floor.  I unbundled and sorted the planks. Longleaf Lumber's oak flooring isn't graded as carefully as their heart pine so the planks varied from clear to very distressed. "Character," I called it. The planks with so much character as to verge on loony (if they were people) were placed where the cabinets will be. The rest of the floor mixed clear with character planks. See the gorgeous grain?

Will sanded the floor using a U-Sand orbital sander rented at Home Depot. Not difficult to do, but I was a little nervous when I read this:

Not very reassuring. That along with the many Waterlox warnings ("Liquid evaporates and forms vapor (fumes) which can catch fire and burn with explosive force."), the nail guns, and power saws, the asbestos, and the lead, it's a wonder we've survived this renovation. Knock on reclaimed wood.

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