Wednesday, September 1, 2010

From ACK with love

I'm catching a breath this afternoon after ploughing through a huge mound of work. After the leisurely pace of island life, jumping back into renovation and back-to-school craziness feels as shocking as plunging into the icy Atlantic.

So I'm sneaking a quiet moment ( quiet as it gets around here) and browsing through my Nantucket photos. Just looking at them relaxes me. I'd love to share some favorites with you.

The first few days of our stay were gray and chilly. It didn't stop us from riding the waves.

These damp, gray days made for light traffic in town...

...but any day was a good day for ice cream from The Juice Bar. Delicious concoctions, including Crantucket and Native Blueberry.

Finally, the weather grew sunny. We basked in the sun.

And so did the local wildlife.

Time to fly. I'm currently chest-deep in a PTO project and am ramping up for working in my youngest's preschool. More photos later. From ACK (and me) with love.


  1. Looking forward to the rest of your island pictures ...can smell the handmade cones at the Juice Bar...yummmmmm

    The new kitchen counters look anxious to see the finished kitchen... the Aga and all of the rest! Cheers! the moment...from Nantucket

  2. Good to see you here, Beachpea! Have a handmade cone for me. I so miss Nantucket and those carefree days. I'll post the island pictures soon.



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