Sunday, September 19, 2010

Agatha cooks

Ahhhh...Two pots of gnocchi and sauteed chicken in garlic. At the same time.

How I'd missed cooking with gas. That fine, instant control. No waiting for the electric burner to heat up. Then scorching the food because the burner becomes too hot and doesn't back off quickly enough. The two outside 15K burners are hot. Maybe not the 22K of Bluestar, but they boiled water quickly enough.

Sorry. No recipes to share. We're still getting back into the cooking swing. Most of our pantry items are still in boxes. When Agatha was connected, we gathered around her and gaped. What do you do with a range? How do you cook? Amazing how rusty you can get in two months.


  1. Agatha rocks!! I have Aga envy.... Alas...not enough room in my tiny kitchen for such a splendid appliance. Enjoy Miss Agatha - especially on a cold New England winter day!
    Cheers! Beachpea

  2. Thanks! We're loving Agatha. The multiple ovens, especially, are just wonderful.

  3. Ooooh, now you're cookin'! Congrats. She looks lovely! Isn't it liberating being able to fit all those pots on the stove at once? I noticed that, to be most efficient, I need to do all my prep work ahead of time because I *can* cook it all at once. Enjoy!

  4. Thanks! It is liberating! (Though I have to admit that we haven't really tested Agatha's limits yet. Our extracurricular/volunteer schedules are just killing my menu planning.)

  5. Can you tell me where I can purchase cookie sheets for an AGA that have only 1 or 2 lips, not the typical 4 side cookie sheet/pan. Its for a friend so I am not familiar with this stove personally.

    Thanks so much,
    Elaine in Chicago


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