Friday, September 3, 2010

Counter dance

Like a table dance, only much more expensive and performed fully clothed.

Countertops were installed yesterday. BFR did a beautiful job with the fabrication and installation. The slabs were Beleza soapstone from Dorado on the Cooking Apple Green cabinets. Honed Mountain White Danby marble (a great deal if you're looking, by the way) on the Old White cabinets.

I don't think this photo captures the color of the marble. It is white with gorgeous charcoal veining. The veining has a very slight green cast that marries it perfectly with the soapstone. This Beleza slab has an unusual tone-on-tone movement. I was worried it was too wild, but in the space, I don't think so.

On a side note, our Rohl faucet is still on a truck somewhere so Yale Appliance gave us a loaner faucet to site the countertop holes. When I ordered the faucet, I was very specific about when it was needed. Obviously it didn't arrive on time. However, the mark of a service-oriented company is how it responds to issues that inevitably crop up. We're relieved that Yale agreed to a loaner. It was so helpful, especially because both our sink (the Franke Orca) and our faucet (we call it the "Dalek") are unusually shaped.


  1. Oh Gena I am soooo in love with your soapstone! The Danby, too, but I DEF couldn't get soapstone because it is way too much in FL. I never saw saopstone with that veining before. Is yours oiled or unoiled?

    You are in the home stretch! How does it feel?

  2. Thanks, Deva! Isn't the soapstone wild? It was the last slab of Beleza that Dorado had so we didn't have much choice (if we wanted Beleza). I'm so glad it worked. It's currently pretty much unoiled. I think the fab guys oiled it before they did the major cuts days ago.

    I can't wait to have a functioning kitchen again! Running to the basement to get every cup of cold water and snack gets old fast.


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