Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Seeing the world in color

One of the things we decided early in the kitchen design process was that we wanted a colorful range. Not stainless. European manufacturers seem to embrace color more than their American counterparts: AGA from England, Molteni, Ilve, Bertazzoni, and Fratelli Onofri from Italy, and from France, Lacanche and La Cornue. The Americans offer Bluestar, American, and Viking. Another thing we quickly discovered was that color was expensive, ranging from pricey to...well...let's just say that the La Cornue Chateau is priced in line with its name. But then...just look at these beauties.

Ilve Majestic Collection from AJMadison

Close-up of the Fratelli Onofri Royal Chiantishire from AJMadison

La Cornue Chateau from Purcell Murray

Lacanche Cluny

Bluestar in one of the 190 available RAL colors

On a colorful side note, I just discovered that Dell offers their laptops in shades of your favorite OPI nail lacquers. Tagline: Match your nails to your e-mails. Of course, do you then change your Dell laptop every season? You don't want to be sporting a "You Don't Know Jacques" laptop (great color, by the way) when you've moved on to a "La Paz-itively Hot." mani/pedi. I'll bet the Dell executives hope so. I'm a bit relieved not to be faced with that choice on top of all my other color dilemmas. I'm an Apple gal.

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