Thursday, January 28, 2010


A quick run to the Benjamin Moore dealer and we're back home with a fistful of Affinity color chips. Ahhh...this isn't easy, even with the pared down Affinity color range. Imagine if I had the entire Benjamin Moore fandeck. Wait. I do. Two of them. I could stare at blues til I go blind.

I leaned the little papers against the wall. Solitude and Exhale were immediately struck off as too dark. Serenata may be too blue. Tranquility (the leftmost sample) is a possibility. It's a nice blue-gray with the slightest hint of red to warm it. Crystalline and Constellation are also contenders. Both are very, very pale. Perhaps too pale? Crystalline goes a bit green like sea glass. Constellation leans a bit lavender. Decisions. Decisions. A couple of photos. Almost impossible to catch the true color in the dingy bathroom light. The eye perceives something between those two photos.

without flash

with flash

I also love Farrow & Ball's Skylight. A very pretty grayed blue. The thought of spending Farrow & Ball dollars on a basement bathroom most used by the ten and under crowd...well...this doesn't excite me.

Don't you love color names? Would we buy these colors if they were named Very Light Blue Green and Very Light Blue Purple?

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