Thursday, January 7, 2010


A fabric that I'm currently obsessing over is Schumacher's Katsugi. Designers are abuzz about this fabric, especially in the gold/mushroom colorway. In my kitchen, I can just imagine the Blues or Link and Sepia framing my kitchen windows. The downside to this piece of textile fabulosity? Schumacher fabric is available only to the trade, and the only price I've been able to uncover is $98/yard. Gulp.

Today, I was at IKEA. While rummaging through their fabrics, I discovered their Patricia fabrics. Certainly not as detailed or sophisticated as the Schumacher. Far, far from it. But it has a similar feel (though not a similar scale) at a mere $7.99/yard.

Schumacher Katsugi in gold and mushroom

IKEA Patricia fabric

The IKEA photos from its website are unfortunately far from the best. However, it may be worth checking out this fabric next time you're at the store.

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