Sunday, January 10, 2010


The fabric of our lives.

Today, we gathered up our snow gear and headed for a nearby park. Will and the kiddos discovered a steep sledding hill that was glazed with slick, icy, packed-down snow. Perfect for high speed sledding runs. I gathered up my snowshoes and headed for the trails, giddy with anticipation. Miles of trails. Lots of snow. Silly me. Just because there's snow doesn't mean there's snowshoeing. The well-trodden trails meant that the snow was firmly packed down. Easier just to walk.

I hiked along, snowshoes in one hand and poles in the other. Feeling a little ridiculous as walkers passed with their dogs. So I was a little over-excited about my snowshoes. I am from Texas, after all. Snow is exciting.

Gorgeous, deeply chilled day with a crystalline sun. My face was uncovered, and it was cold enough to make my exposed skin hurt. After awhile, I got the call. My kids were cold. Time to head in. I was pretty far out on the trails and started trotting back. Did you know that you can sweat and freeze at the same time? I found out today.

It really hit once I got into the car and started cooling down. By then, my damp, sweaty cotton shirt had sucked the warmth right out of my bones. And the shivers hit. Cotton may be the fabric of our lives, but cotton doesn't wick. And doesn't dry quickly. And is definitely not the best underlayer for exercising in freezing temps.

I placed an REI order this afternoon. Quick-drying polyester. The fabric of our (new) lives.

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