Thursday, January 21, 2010

Review: Hansgrohe Metro kitchen faucet

Now that I've had my Hansgrohe Metro kitchen faucet installed and in use for a couple of months, it's time for a review. I purchased this at my local Costco for well under $200. Great price for a kitchen faucet. Installation? Installation went smoothly and easily. Usage? I'd read that there were splashing issues with this faucet. We have butcherblock counters surrounding our sink so I'm very sensitive to water overspray. No problems here. In fact, the Metro splashes much less than our previous faucet (an ancient white Kohler). The pulldown works smoothly and latches back easily. No drips or leaks. The single looped handle is very easy to operate, even with the back of one hand, say after cutting up chicken breasts. Aesthetically, the faucet is probably a bit modern for our 1935 traditional Colonial, but not enough to be jarring. Besides, the stylistically appropriate choices are either incredibly expensive or are not pulldown faucets.

My final thought: I'd definitely buy this again. Any questions I haven't addressed, let me know, and I'll do my best to answer.


  1. Thank you for the review. I am going to install mine too soon this will give me some heart. Any chance you arranged a matching soap dispenser as well? as it doesn't come with any. I saw the one from Hansgrohe are quite expensive online and I don't think I can find any in Boston area.

  2. I'm glad it was helpful! I'm sorry I don't have a matching soap dispenser. Every soap dispenser I've had ( was just the two of them) has leaked and broken, so I'm a bit off of them for now. I'll keep an eye out when I'm shopping around.

  3. A great and helpful review, I’m looking online for the best faucet and I've found your post, thanks.

  4. I just picked up this faucet at Costco today. My one concern is how well does the sprayer stay up on the neck? It seems like most pull down sprayers end up sagging after awhile and that has generally put us off, put the price and quality has induced us to purchase one.
    I was heartened to see your review.

  5. Kate, For the entire time we used ours, it stayed connected correctly. We were really happy with the purchase (especially considering how incredibly expensive faucets can get). We ended up putting in a difference faucet during our kitchen gut remodel simply for aesthetic reasons. We've held on to the Hansgrohe to reuse in the mudroom (once we get the mudroom plumbed for a laundry sink).


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