Friday, May 21, 2010

The young 'un

The young 'un got a mite riled when she heard about the old dog's blog post. She told me all about it.

So this is Portia, all of two years old.

She doesn't look ill, does she? But she is. Last summer, we learned that Portia has congenital malformed kidneys. They filter very poorly so toxins end up in her system. Plus she has to drink a lot. Which means she has to visit the doggy w.c. a lot. Last summer, the vet thought she may have about a year to live. Portia doesn't know this.

She loves to run. And bark. And snuggle. And give big doggy smooches. Full of doggy breath because we're bad pup parents and don't brush her teeth. She once stole an entire tray of Trader Joe's croissants left to thaw on the counter. She felt very, very bad that day. It doesn't stop her from trying that again.

Her best frend is our postman. He slides her a doggy treat every day through our mail slot. When she sees him coming, she races to the front door and bounces as high as she can so he can see her.

I hope your weekend is filled with treats (though maybe not the doggy kind).


  1. I could not resist this post.

    I am a dog lover and missing my dog of 15 years. My routine was thrown off three years ago when she passed away. Her doggy breath and quirky ways would be welcomed back.

    Portia is gorgeous and I'm sure since they live in the moment she is enjoying each one right now with you.

    Thanks for sharing the thoughts and pictures.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Sorry for the loss of your doggy friend. Our family is enjoying every minute with our pup.


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