Thursday, May 13, 2010

Locavore in Beantown

Sounds like a low-budget creature flick on a cable channel, doesn't it? Plot summary: mutant locavores escape their lab and run amuck in Harvard Square. Despite its predatory sound, "locavore" just refers to someone who tries to eat foods that are locally sourced. And it was the Oxford American Dictionary's 2007 Word of the Year. Fantastic the things you can learn while Googling.

Inspired by a friend's bountiful vegetable garden last summer, I thought it would be fun to grow some veggies this season. What's more locally sourced than one's own yard? A couple of days ago, my enthusiastic helpers and I bought the beginnings of a vegetable garden at Russo's. Heirloom tomatoes (Pink Girl and Green Zebra) and strawberries and bell peppers and basil and cucumbers and romaine. Even a pumpkin seedling! (We're getting mighty ambitious). Will they grow well here? Beats me, but we're going to try.

We're also planning to attend the Newton Community Farm's seedling sale which runs this Sunday, May 16, from noon to four. I'm so excited about more seedlings for our garden. Think of the perfect summer tomato salad with basil and mozzarella...tomato and basil still warm from the sun. Okay. Considering my brownish thumb, that may be a fantasy. There's always farmers markets and pick-your-own farms.

If you're at the sale, say "hi." I'll be the one looking befuddled with three kidlings romping about.

Room for something full sun and sprawling?

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