Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pretzel Boy wins!

Mr. Picky will now and forever be known as:

Pretzel Boy

This was Pretzel Boy winning the limbo contest at the 15th annual Blue Hills Mountain Bike Discovery Day this past Sunday. We had gone on a last-minute whim. What a blast! Guided trail rides, a bike obstacle course, and bicycle skills contests, all hosted by the Department of Conservation and Recreation, the Blue Hills TrailWatch, and the New England Mountain Bike Association.

Pretzel Boy won a very nice Camelbak, donated by Dave's Bike Infirmary. He was so flushed with pride. That Camelbak didn't leave his side for the rest of the day. I'm surprised he didn't sleep with it. It went with him to school today.

And as a mom, my heart sang right along with his. You see. He's one of those kids. One of those who, for whatever reason, never finds his or her niche in mainstream sports. Their shelves are bare of soccer (or baseball, basketball, football, hockey, tennis, swimming) trophies. Except maybe for one or two small momentos from the peewee leagues. So for him, this was the buzzer-beating shot. The game-winning touchdown. The ace down the line for the game, set, match. He'd never felt that rush of victory before. It was new, and it was sweet.

Ride on, Pretzel Boy.


  1. As a mom of one of those boys too, your posting brought a tear to my eye. Congratulations to Pretzel Boy, that is super cool. Ride on, indeed!

  2. Thanks, Keri. Your boy will find his groove too. Just wait and see. :)

  3. I found your blog because we just moved to MA from NY and bought a fixer-upper. And, I'm seriously considering using honed marble countertops in my new kitchen. What did you end up doing, and are you OK with the result? I've done a lot of research and am totally leaning towards using marble (the key is to seal the stone multiple times in the first 2 days after it's installed, as far as I can tell). I am not a neat freak and the patina doesn't scare me, but the blotchy look of your tests with the honed marble did give me pause . . . . Thank you for any and all advice!

  4. The blotches freaked me out too! But really I was okay with the results of my final test. The blotches ran together to become more of a patina. We haven't installed our countertops yet. We're scheduled to demo soon. I'm planning to use soapstone as my main counter and put Imperial Danby on my baking counter. The baking counter is not in front of any windows. The sunlight slanting directly across the marble really seems to accentuate the etching. I think as long as you're comfortable with the idea of a broken-in surface (not glossy, new perfection), marble should work for you. Have fun fixing up your fixer-upper!


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