Monday, May 24, 2010

Mosaic Monday

Spring blooms from one of my very favorite Boston spots: The Arnold Arboretum. Such a peaceful place to take a stroll and get lost in your thoughts. Also fun to bring the littles for a rousing bike ride. I last visited a month ago when the lilacs were just bursting into bloom. The scent of lilacs blanketed the air. Amazing.

Lilacs are so foreign to me. A result of growing up so far south. This spring was a gentle reminder that I'm new here. Unfamiliar flowers blooming from what had been frozen branches and earth. Tulips proudly bearing their bejeweled colors. Lilac branches laden with blossoms, gently nodding in the breeze. This spring was one of discovery. Learning what bulbs populated my house's garden beds. Discovering new colors and scents.

I found an old friend at the Arnold Arboretum as well. The familiar shape of the Texas redbud pulled me to it. A welcome reminder of my old home.

I love finding the more exotic examples of flora at the Arboretum. Like this one with the unassuming blossoms and beautifully sculptural leaves.

Or this threatening-looking specimen with its branches like a dinosaur's claws.

This is my first time participating in Mosaic Monday. Thanks to the little red house for hosting. I'm learning so much about New England and about blogging. It has been...and I hope will continue to amazing journey.


  1. Welcome to Mosaic Monday and Howdy from a Texas Gal. Wow! Austin to Boston! I bet you are in Culture and Season Shock. I have been to Boston many years ago, and there are so many wonderful things to see and experience. I'm stayin here in San Angelo, Texas and you are welcome to visit anytime. My blog is all about Texas...come see me!

  2. I love lilacs! Having grown up in a much more northern state they were a common sight in the springtime. I see a few here in Virginia, but never enough to satisfy my love for them.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  3. Hi Gena,

    Your photographs are so delicate - thanks for taking us along!


  4. Ah Lilacs----so at home here in Washington.
    Wshington is cut in half by the Cascade Mt. Range so on the wet western side you have the lush and green and then there is the dry Eastern side which is beautiful too.
    Welcome to Mosaic Monday---yours is delicate and beautiful. MB

  5. Lovely pictures. I can almost smell the lilacs!!! Well, done! Cathy

  6. I miss northern flowers...lilacs, daffodils, peonies. Ho-hum.

  7. Thanks so much for the welcomes and the comments. I've so enjoyed looking at your mosaics. This is such fun!

  8. Beautiful mosaic, and gorgeous lilac blooms! I like unusual and different plants too.

  9. Ah, I miss Beantown and the lilacs that bloom at the end of May. Lovely photos!

  10. I've yet to get to the Arboretum as many times as I go to Boston. Beautiful! ~Jeanne

  11. You know, I always thought that the gorgeous fall would be my favorite season up here. I was wrong. You never know the beauty of spring until you live somewhere with a bare winter. Watching those buds appear, then blossom. Just magnificent. There is a giant patch of wild lilac (maybe an acre or so) inside of the loop where I enter the interstate. It is gorgeous. Every time I pass it, I want to pull the car over and photograph it, but there is no place to do it. Beautiful to see every day, though.


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