Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Worm hunter

and other buggy tales.

We're being inundated with all manner of creepy, crawly things. It must really be spring. Here's my fearless worm hunter. She unearthed three worms today.

If you think this looks very similar to a previously published photo, you're right. This is my life. Filled with little hands and mud.

I found this little lady on my bathroom wall. We trapped and freed five ladybugs from the study last night. Two more were in the bathroom this morning. Reminds me of the great Ladybug Invasion in the fall of '09. I think they're emerging from hibernation somewhere in my house and getting active. I'm trying to catch and release them all. Good for my gardens. I think. They are ladybugs, right? Not some other New England critter masquerading as the good bug?

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