Sunday, March 14, 2010

Liberty of London

I've been anticipating today's launch of Target's Liberty of London line for weeks. I wasn't certain when the online launch would occur so I stayed up til past midnight. No launch. I awoke later then usual. Well. I awoke at my normal time, but because we'd all sprung forward in our sleep, it was later than usual. I headed sleepily to my laptop to check the Target website. To my dismay, the things I wanted were already sold out.

Fueled by coffee, I hauled myself through the cold rain to a local Target where Liberty of London items were literally flying off the racks in front of me. It was an amazing sight. Women were grabbing dresses by the armload and whisking them away. It was two steps shy of a frenzy.

Why the ruckus? Well, the prints, for one. Charming and cheery. And I was happily surprised by the fabrics. Nothing stiff or cheap feeling. I loved the cotton used for the men's shirts, the girls dresses, and some of the women's items. The men's shirts and boxers felt lovely, very fine and soft. I was less fond of the slippery polyester used for some of the women's tops, but I'm not a big fan of slick, satin-like material. I felt the same way about the two throw pillows left on the shelves. However, they did have beautiful prints, and I loved the velvety material they used for the backs and trim on some. The material on the quilts and bedding felt luxuriously soft. The umbrellas and bags were sadly long gone, but the couple of straggler hats were adorable and made from a fabric with a very nice hand. Fantastic for the price points.

I was lucky enough that my wonderful mother-in-law headed up to Round Rock, Texas, to pick up some housewares for me. My kitchen will be graced by these cheery prints.

Theberton set of three prep bowls:

Dunclare teapot (and matching mugs):

I hope that you all got the Liberty of London items that you wanted. It looks like Target and Liberty collaboration was a huge winner.

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