Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Farrow & Ball revisited

Our kitchen now officially looks like Joseph's coat of many colors.

I fairly sure...sort of sure...that the base cabinets on the range/sink runs will be Ball Green. Which is ironic because it was the very first color to be put up and the very first color to be dismissed. After a few weeks, I thought the coverage looked splotchy so I added another coat and voila. Beauty. The uppers on the sink wall and both base cabs and uppers on the fridge wall will be some yet-to-be-named cream. And the walls will be either Farrow's Cream or Green Ground. I love, love Green Ground. Such a happy color. I also love Cooking Apple Green and plan to use it somewhere. Maybe the laundry room?

More Farrow & Ball paint colors to add to the Internet's library of images. Hope they're helpful.

Ball Green

Stone White (green) and Old White (gray). Why are none of these "whites" actually white? Is this an English thing?

Green Ground. Someone mentioned on an online forum that they were surprised Green Ground looked so neutral in the photo. For them, Green Ground went very peridot. In my space, Green Ground goes from a very pale peridot to an almost stone color. This seems to be the color that is most difficult to capture correctly in a photo.

Cooking Apple Green


  1. Where did you find the bumblebee relief tile mural you posted about here? (followup # 17)



  2. I e-mailed you, but I thought I'd post the answer as well. The tile is Pratt & Larson "Stratford."

    I hope this helps! Pratt & Larson have absolutely beautiful tile.


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