Monday, March 1, 2010


Is it weird when you spend precious babysitter time poring over paint and tile? Schlepping paint samples and countertop materials. Examining the very subtle color shifts that happen when you combine various materials under different lights. Growing ever more cross-eyed and confused. Is it...oh, I don't know...obsessive?

That's how we spent our most recent babysitter Saturday, fueled by breakfast at In a Pickle in Waltham. Yum.

And after all that work, I don't feel much closer to a decision. Here are some possibilities. Countertops will be a combination of antique heart pine and soapstone.*

*All choices subject to change due to fear, practicality, frugality, or sheer caprice.

Backsplash tiles will be 3x3, 4x4, or subway. I love subway tiles. I really, really do. And they're period appropriate to our house. It's unfortunate that subway is so trendy right now.

Pratt and Larson R-gloss tile blend:

A nice retro look that probably looks the most appropriate with the Aga.

Pratt and Larson Watercolor crackle tile blend:

Gorgeous glaze pools and crackle and depth of color. Really, really spectacular.

Trikeenan Autumnal Green:

A very nice pottery look. Specks of umber pick up the amber in the heart pine. Goes a bit celadon.

Trikeenan Autumnal Green and Random Autumnal (a mix of Autumnal Green, November Green, and Orange Umber):

This looked spectacular with the heart pine, catching even our tile salesperson's eye as she headed across the showroom with another customer. Unfortunately, the orange looks hideous with the black Aga.

After a while, you hit the wall. Colors start to blur. Everything looks pretty. Everything is possible. You feel vaguely dizzy and start to veer off-task. Hey! Blue is pretty. So is yellow. Hey! That's pretty too! Design-overload-induced ADHD. I'm suffering the aftereffects as I write. Maybe one day I'll achieve clarity. Maybe one day I'll give in and hire a decorator. Maybe.


  1. Try Trikeenan's Random Rustic Blend if the orange umber doesn't work - it is also very beautiful. Or try customizing a blend with Trikeenan, you can switch out the orange umber with another colour, or simply get rid of it altogether...

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! We plan to visit the Keene showroom very soon. We're looking forward to seeing more of the tiles in person and seeing all the possibilities.


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