Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kitchen palettes

The time of our kitchen renovation draws nearer. We're targeting an early summer start. We need the open-window weather to finish the wood floors.

Here are the plans. They're missing a few details. For example, the hood shape is now trimmed out with an antique heart pine ledge along the bottom edge. If you're contemplating do-it-yourself design, I really recommend the non-Pro, free version of Google SketchUp. It really helps to visualize what you're planning and makes communicating clearly with subcontractors much easier.

So the materials. I've narrowed it down to two color palettes. I want simple, warm, inviting, friendly, and happy. The only thing already purchased is the backsplash. Everything else is still under consideration.

Backsplash tiles: Trikeenan custom blend with milk white, crackle white, fog, and matte chartreuse.The final mix will have a bit less green and a bit more cream per area.
Antique heart pine (possible floor or possible counter): Longleaf Lumber
Soapstone: Beleza from Dorado

This one combines:
Ball Green and Old White: cabinets
Green Ground: wall color
(All colors Farrow & Ball)
The Old White, a warm gray, would look beautiful on the cabinets by our enormous stainless fridge.

This one combines:
Ball Green and Farrow's Cream (or a similar cream paint from Fine Paints of Europe): cabinets
Green Ground: wall color
The cream color lightens and warms the space.

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