Thursday, July 9, 2009

A whole other Newton

Lately, I've been feeling that my kids need a little more organized stimulation than accompanying me to various exciting errands and running wild through our house/basement/backyard. That's wearing a bit thin. So since I'm new to town, I decided to google "children's programs Newton." I was so excited to find that our local library was flying in a biologist from a national wildlife refuge in Iowa to present a program on insects. How exciting! And my budding four-year-old entomologist would love this!

I e-mailed the youth services librarian, hoping that the spots hadn't all filled up. I was so excited to hear back from her that there were still enough spots for all three kids. I went immediately to my local library's web site to double check the date. I looked at the children's event calendar. I couldn't find the event. I checked everywhere on the web site. Maybe it was in August and not July? Maybe it was on the adult events calender? No...Hmmm...I googled again and found the event.

It's in Newton...Iowa...


I just sent an apologetic note to the librarian. I'm such a doof!

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