Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More treasures

In our office above the closets is a row of cubbies with doors. Lots of storage and perfect for things that you don't need to access frequently, but that you want to keep out of the attic. I noted that the cubbies seemed to have some leftover stuff so we haven't used them. We've finally come to organizing the office and decided to empty the cubbies. I thought they only held a few things. I was wrong.

In a story, we'd find some fabulous antique something or other carefully stored away and forgotten. Instead, we found:

Eight empty shoe boxes (mostly Vaneli). A plethora of vintage electronic devices including a gigantic "pocket-sized" Epson Photo PC550 that takes high quality 640x480 images still shrink wrapped in box, a laptop that's so old that it doesn't have a hard drive (only a floppy drive), and an answering machine that still uses tape cassettes.

We also found a box with the following:

1. Broken pieces of plaster wrapped in a tissue
2. A broken four-spoke porcelain lavatory handle (with the broken bit)
3. Some random chrome lavatory handles
4. Two hinges
5. Some doorknobs
6. Some odd metal hinged rods with porcelain handles on the end
7. One piece of really thick porcelain tile that had been painted
8. One empty thread spool

Some photos:
What is this?

Broken bits:

Fabulous laptop (can't even boot it because you need the boot disk):

Nothing for the Antiques Roadshow or Sotheby's, but it was worth a few chuckles.


  1. Did you ever find out what the porcelain knobs are? Looks as if they might have been mounted on old sinks--used to open and close the drains.


  2. No, we never did. Your idea make a lot of sense!


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