Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A security notice

I've noticed that two of the nicer malls close to my house offer valet parking. A fact that always makes me smile. There's abundant garage parking to be had if one chooses to park oneself. Other than the frenetic holiday rush when I'm sure that the garage is overflowing, I can't imagine a time when the garage is full to capacity. Perhaps the abundance of parking stems from the economy, and it used to be nonexistent. Could be.

Today, I visited the Natick Collection (another thing that makes me smile...not just a "mall," but a "collection"). Upon returning to my car, I found an official looking notice attached to my windshield. First thought...ugh...a ticket! But, thankfully, it was not a ticket. It was a security notice from the Natick Collection that personal items could be seen from the outside of the car. These personal items were various raincoats and a library book. Is crime so rampant here that one must squirrel away all personal items, including outerwear?? After my car break-in, I've been very vigilant about bringing in my purse, phone, and various electronic doodads. But raincoats?

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