Thursday, July 16, 2009


Warning: the following blog is dedicated to my inner English nerd.

The following are some of my favorite road signs spotted around the Boston burbs. (Note for my Metro West brethren: there are silly signs in Austin as well.)

1. Wait for Delayed Green
If the city didn't post this sign, would it then be okay to go on red?

2. Stay in Lanes
I saw this tonight on a highway. Now this actually made me worry. Am I not allowed to change lanes? For how long? Is this just a reminder that I should not swerve about like a driver in Mexico for whom lane markers are just suggestions? I actually should google this and find out.

3. Thickly Settled Area
Ummm...isn't that true for much of the Boston metro area? My favorite sign of this ilk is in Dover, land of mansions on multi-acre spreads. Yes. Thickly settled, indeed.

Don't get me talking about parking signs in the North End. Yikes! I thought decoding parking signs in the University of Texas campus was difficult. Will and I ended up paying umpteen dollars to park in a lot because we couldn't figure out if we were allowed to park or not. that I think about it, maybe this is a clever way of generating parking revenue from tourists. A win-win situation for the city...

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