Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where are the mosquitos?

Knock on wood (just in case).

I've seen a few. Giant, slow, bumbling creatures that are almost too easy to swat. Where are the mosquitos? Those rapacious, lightning-fast creatures that can swoop in for an itchy, welt-inducing nibble before you even realize. It has been so wet that I imagine this is prime mosquito-breeding season. And yet, we just had a comfortable family dinner outside on our deck, and I don't think that we were bitten once.


My older daughter and I are like dark chocolate truffles to mosquitos. Impossible to resist. During mosquito season in Austin (which seemed to run from March through November), we couldn't be outside without a thorough drenching in insecticide. I loved being an outdoorsy gal. Really I did. I fantasized about sitting out in the sun enjoying a book. I love to hike and bike and eat alfresco. Unfortunately, the bugs (and/or heat) inevitably drove me indoors. It was even difficult to enjoy our swimming pool. My daughter and I would often come inside after a swim with our upper arms, upper backs, and shoulders covered in red bumps.

I'm not sure how normal this is, but I plan on savoring every last, cool, mosquito-free moment of this summer.

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