Monday, June 1, 2009

Treasures from under the carpet

First, can I say how ridiculously pleased I am that I now have a home with flooring under flooring? How cool is that? Those of you with older homes are probably thinking, "Okkkaaaay," and mentally shrugging your shoulders. But for me, someone who has always owned new homes bought straight from the tract builder, this is exciting stuff. This is architectural excavation. This is history!

A pretty profound load to lay on pulling old carpet from the underlying hardwood. Anyway, that is what Will did this past weekend in the third floor guest room. This is what he found (along with a zillion nails and staples...the installer was apparently concerned that the carpet might up and run away):

A stamp from Tunisia...


What's the story? Was the person who laid the carpet from Tunisia, and this was a relic of his beloved homeland that he carried as a talisman?

We know that this house and the house next door were built in 1935 for two sisters. So sweet, especially since the house will now be the home of our two girls. Perhaps one sister was a stamp collector, and this one errant stamp fluttered out of an album?

And the card from a child's game...

Will found another relic...I hesitate to say "treasure"...under the old grill in the laundry room. You read that right. According to our realtor, it was trendy to have a grill in a non-kitchen room to cook burgers and such. As he was trying to disconnect the thing, he discovered a mason jar of old, black grease screwed under the grill. No photo, I'm afraid. We're thinking of giving the jar to Alfalfa's best friend for next year's science fair.


  1. Sounds very cool! I want pictures of the new house!


  2. I have a small jar of marbles--marbles found in every yard that I've gardened in. (In which I've gardened--but I like ending a sentence with a preposition!)

    Anyway, I keep the jar near the kitchen sink, where I can see the marbles and the memories, and ponder the young former owners, who unknowingly left the treasures for me.



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