Thursday, June 25, 2009

The urban life

We were grooving on the urban life yesterday when my husband discovered that his Volvo had a flat tire. It wasn't a surprise. They were balder than Jean Luc Picard. He drove the car to a tire place in the neighborhood and walked the half mile home. We congratulated each other on having found a house in such a perfect location...easy access to many routes, pretty close to work, and walking distance to shops, restaurants, and tire places.

Then this morning.

The sun was forecast to make a guest appearance today after rain's long run. The kids desperately needed to get out of the house, and I wanted to explore a local park that I'd glimpsed while running an errand. I gathered kids up. Two headed out. I was waiting for the third to get her shoes when I heard the frantic voice of my eldest.

"Mom! Mom! Mom! Someone broke into your car!!"


I dashed outside. Shattered glass gaped jaggedly at the passenger window. I gaped along with it. I was dumb. Numb. Then it struck me. My purse. I ran inside and checked the usual counter, kitchen floor, Hands shaking, I ran inside and called my husband. We both hit the phones canceling credit cards and notifying the bank.

The police came quickly. According to the policeman, this sort of thief is usually only interested in the cash. They suggested taking a walk to look for my purse...or "pocketbook" as they call them here. I took the kids and wandered around a bit, but didn't find my purse. And it's supposed to storm tomorrow. It was a nice leather purse, and I'm a bit pissed that the thief took it. Just take my dang wallet and leave me my favorite bag!

So I'm without credit cards. Without checkbook. Without driver's license. In a new state. Sucks to say the least.

Did I mention that I also have a sinus infection? Yes, that rains/pours saying is very apt at the moment. And the Boston forecast reflects this as well.

Luckily I'd just renewed my Texas driver's license before I moved. I haven't received my new license yet so hopefully I'll get it soon. Meanwhile, we're going to be much more diligent about security and bringing things inside. Toto, we're not in the Austin burbs anymore.


  1. Uh oh, very sorry to hear this. Hope things get better for you soon - a streak of good luck should follow bad? But I still have faith that you and Boston will become fast friends. Love the photo of your sprouts making that trap, and your garden (and it IS a definite, luscious garden and not just a backyard)is looking lovely. Hope you feel better and take care of your sinus infection. Does it feel like you are living in the Pacific Northwest rather than New England right now? Drink lots of warm tea.
    Love, Geri

  2. I feel so bad about this. Newton is supposedly the safest city in the country, which doesn't mean there's no crime at all, but still. On behalf of our fair city, I apologize to you for this "welcome gift." I have never been a victim of any crime here, and I'm truly sorry that you had this experience.


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