Friday, June 12, 2009


After the shelf paper shenanigans of yesterday, I rethought my kitchen strategy. I'll just unpack things and put them away. Shelf paper will be installed later, and I'll just wash everything before using.

Two boxes later, blinding headache. Could it be due to my diet of Kashi GoLean bars, Diet Coke, and water? Could it be because I haven't had my large coffee? Or could it be due to an overdose of scary kitchen surprises? I think I vote for the last.

Now before you see the details, I have to say that we knew that the kitchen needed to be entirely redone. And frighteningly, this wasn't the most tragic kitchen we'd seen in this town (in our price range). In other cases, kitchens not only needed to be gutted, but also expanded in order to work for a family. We had hoped to live with this kitchen for a little while before figuring out what to do. After this morning, the kitchen renovation might have leapfrogged air conditioning and garage as top priority.

So, this is what I'd thought was just a pantry. See? It looks like a pantry.

Unfortunately, this is what I found upon opening the doors.

No shelving. And it's covered on three sides with crumbling pegboard. In the kitchen?? You can barely see the base, but it's an elevated cabinet base. So I can't even stick a shelving unit inside because the weight would all be resting on the cabinet floor (and not the actual floor). There are also a few hooks around the upper perimeter. What are those for? Aprons? Did the housewife of the...what...50s? 60s? have such an extensive wardrobe of aprons? Really...the mind boggles.

I noticed earlier, but I have to share. Just what exactly is this countertop? It has these metal framed insets, and also metal rimming the backsplash pieces. Ugly. Rusted. Odd.

And finally...our dishwasher. Our house inspector said that he wasn't even going to try to run it. That we should replace it at once. And I will. As soon as Appliance Man gets back with our little ones from California. What do you think? Vintage 70s? How remarkable that it's still here with us. You probably won't be able to say the same for our modern, flimsy appliances. The Kitchen Aid Superba...what an old kitchen warrior.


  1. Dang, I should have taken a pic. of ours before we threw it out. It was like yours with the buttons and stuff, but it was avocado green. Original 1960s/70s avocado green. AND the put it in and then put wood trim under the cabinets AFTER that, and ran the wood right across the front of it so we had to cut the wood to get it out.


  2. I think that's the same one that was in our previous house, except it was mustard-colored. Worked like a charm, though!


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