Monday, November 29, 2010

Field trip: choose and cut your own Christmas tree at Durkee Tree Farm

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. A fragrant, lush seven-foot fir stands ready in the corner of the family room, waiting for lights and ornaments. The littles have already decked its lower branches with assorted Silly Bandz. Just squelching any stray Martha Stewart-esque aspirations I may have had.

Yesterday, we continued our New England tradition (two years and counting) of heading to Durkee Tree Farm In Littleton, Massachusetts, and cutting our own Christmas tree. What a beautiful scene to start your holiday season.

A sunny, crisp winter day. Perfect for wandering amongst the trees and discussing the coniferous candidates. Too tall? Too skinny? A Fraser fir or a Concolor?

No matter the tree, they're all $50, plus $1 for baling. Durkee had plenty of saws to use if yours has gone astray in the shed. Their workers were swift and cheerful, willing to carry your tree from one parking lot to another with a smile.

Picking just the right tree will involve a bit of walking so wear comfortable shoes.

This tree cutting is serious business. The Bluebonnet 2010 Christmas tree. A fine, fluffy tree, chosen after some spirited debate between the ayes (the girls) and the nay (the boy). Lest you think the boy always loses out, he chose last year's tree.

Suggestion: trim the lower branches before taking the tree home. It's less mess, and makes putting the tree in the stand much easier.

And off the tree goes. I hope that your winter holidays have gotten off to a great start.


  1. What a fun time and family memory. Yea for the girls! The trees are gorgeous. We haven't had a live tree. DH's childhood memories of a live tree are of falling needles and dead trees behind the shed. Still, I'd love a live tree. The fragrance of pine can't come from a candle. Enjoy, and please show it when it is decorated.

  2. I will. Though with our hectic schedules, I'm not sure exactly when we're going to put up the lights and ornaments. Sometimes I wonder about getting a pre-lit artificial tree (though the rest of my family would think that's heresy). :)


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