Monday, November 15, 2010

1st Light in Brookline

Can the holidays be upon us already? Our first holiday party invitation just arrived in the mail. I've started squirreling away toys in (hopefully) secret places. And by the way, which Hasbro decision-maker designed a barking toy dog that can't be turned off while still in package? I drove home listening to two Fur Real GoGo My Walkin' Pups yap nonstop for twenty minutes. Their sensors saw right through the enveloping plastic bags. A yapping, panting wrapped box isn't exactly going to surprise anyone, is it?

Tonight, I received an email about Brookline's 1st Light celebration to be held this Thursday, November 18, from 5 - 8 p.m. We're planning to head to Coolidge Corner where we can stop by Eureka! for a free gift. (If you've never been to Eureka!, visit sometime. It's a most wonderful puzzle and game store. I could spend hours there.) Those who find all the hidden items in a scavenger hunt will receive a special prize. Musicians, street performers, free food, and family activities will be found throughout Coolidge Corner, Brookline Village, and other Brookline commercial districts.

Last year, 1st Light was my family's first holiday activity as New Englanders. We had so much fun, and are looking forward to continuing our new tradition.


  1. So I actually stumbled on your blog through Gardenweb and was checking in to see how your kitchen was coming---but found this instead, and it really brought back memories---I lived in Coolidge Corner for some time (before departing for the left coast) and this was my *favorite* thing every year! I don't think Eureka! was there yet (had to look it up since it wasn't ringing bells, and I guess I lived pretty much upstairs from it since we were above the vitamin store, but can't for the life of me remember what was in that space then...) but if Party Favors is still there, they used to serve cider and cupcakes that were pretty wonderful, too. I really miss New England this time of year---have fun!

  2. It must have been so much fun to live in Coolidge Corner. I'd love to live there. Maybe once we're empty nesters...Party Favors still gave out cupcakes. It was crowded, but I wanted to go back for a more thorough browse. Loved their candies. They looked like works of art.


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