Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Deal flash: 13-piece tri-ply Tramontina cookware at Costco

Just in case you need a few pots and pans to create your Thanksgiving feast. Or maybe as a new treat for your new kitchen. Or to launch your child into culinary independence. Or just because...

The 13-piece tri-ply 18/10 stainless steel Tramontina cookware set is currently selling at Costco for $99.97. I don't think this is full body tri-ply. The tri-ply appears to be the bottom of the pots/pans. It  goes up the sides for a little bit which should reduce the hot spots at the seam. So no, it's not All-Clad, but you can't pass that price up. At least, I couldn't. Warning: only one Costco of the two in my area were selling this set. Before heading out, it may be worth a call.

Included in this set are:
8 inch sauté pan
10 inch sauté pan
2 quart covered sauce pan
3 quart covered sauce pan
4 quart covered sauce pan
steamer insert
5 quart covered deep sauté pan
8 quart covered stock pot

Happy cooking!


  1. Hi Gena! Love your blog, and your kitchen is GORGEOUS! Would you be willing to give more info on the great deal you got on the Tramontina cookware set? This is exactly what I'm looking for, and the price is amazing. Problem is that I can't find it at a Costco near me (west coast). I don't know if you still have the box, but does it have a Costco item number? Or perhaps you could share which Costco you bought it from? Thanks so much! Jenny

  2. Jenny, Thanks so much for your kind comments! Recycling goes out tonight so I still have the box. The box says: 519219, but it doesn't specify that it's a Costco item number. It was purchased at the Costco in Waltham, MA. I hope that's helpful. Good luck!


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