Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I wandered out amongst our gardens this afternoon. With the weekend rains, the plants have edged past luxuriant into Audrey II-wanna-be territory. Actually "gardens" is too manicured a term for the motley sprawl of greenery and blooms in our backyard. We'd popped the vegetables into any available empty bed space. This lack of planning shows in the riotous disorder of flowers, foliage, and edibles. A landscape designer would wince. A cook, however, might be intrigued.

Between the kitchen demo and the persistent little tummy bug raging through the whole family, we haven't had a chance to enjoy as much garden produce as we'd like. We just harvested huge bags of fresh lettuce, mustard greens, and basil. Along with the tomatoes, corn, and squash from the farmers market, they'll make delicious foundations for meals in the next few days.


  1. I just love the little details and texture that you captured here. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have bunnies but I would be thrilled to have wild turkeys! How cool! I am envious of your garden. The critters eat it all here. I hope everyone feels better soon.

  2. Oooof! sorry to hear there is sickness in your house while the kitchen is demolished. i can relate...not fun! Your greens look sooo good.


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