Monday, July 5, 2010

First harvest

Our first harvest from our gardens. Mixed leaf lettuce. Beautiful. And they made a delish salad. Really fresh produce seems to have an intensity of flavor that's unmatched by its grocery store counterparts.

It feels odd that lettuce is a summer crop here. It's a late fall/winter crop in Texas. Disorienting. Unlike summer crops in Austin that you have to water lavishly, the lettuces have been almost carefree. I think we've watered them three times and weeded once. Even I (with the brownish thumb) can't mess that up.

I also learned something new today. You harvest the outer lettuce leaves, leaving the inner leaves to grow. Obviously, we never succeeded with lettuce in Austin (the whole brownish thumb thing).

Our vegetables are thriving (other than the unfortunate mustard greens that were devoured by something or lots of somethings). Did you know that Yukon Golds set fruit more readily than most potatoes? And that its fruit is poisonous? We didn't. We're getting a bumper crop of Yukon Golds, all from one potato that had been left sprouting and neglected in the pantry. Will plucked the Yukon Gold fruit today. They look a lot like baby tomatoes, and we didn't want the little girls to use the poisonous fruits for their mud stews.

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