Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The curse is broken

Today's renovation news? We're pretty in pink, and the curse has been broken.

Sorry for the abysmal photos. I forgot to take any until the sun was just a rosy glimmer in the west. I'm amazed these photos, taken in near darkness with no flash, came out at all.

We are now insulated. Well. Just the kitchen. Which is good because for whatever reason, this room tends toward temperature extremes...frosty in winter and hot in the summer.

The guys also fixed the severely sloping floor down the back hallway and butler's pantry. A couple of general contractors referred to the slope as a "curse." Maybe it is. In which case, the curse has been broken. Is this a regionalism? Like "pocketbook"? I tried to look up the origin and usage of "curse" in this context, and came up with nothing. Yes. I'm a word nerd.

The curse was broken by copious amounts of self-leveling underlayment.

This is just the butler's pantry looking into the mudroom. The back hallway (not pictured) is a wall-to-wall river of the stuff. We'll be installing reclaimed white oak flooring on top of the underlayment during next week's DIY marathon.

In other renovation news, IKEA's new Ramsjo white-painted wooden cabinet doors sound promising for the butler's pantry. They'll be in stores soon. I'm planning a trip to Stoughton to see them first-hand.

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