Sunday, February 21, 2010


Here's our master vanity concept. The sink has to be off-center in the vanity in order to be centered under the existing medicine cabinet. There's something that disturbs me about the asymmetry, especially because the backsplash/shelf treatment is so pretty. I wonder if it feels forced. We could redo that entire wall, but it would be pretty costly.

The top middle and rightmost drawers are dummies. The other four drawers are functional. There's a shelf underneath for a couple of short baskets. We were planning on paint grade maple topped with marble remnant. It would have pulls...just haven't put them in SketchUp.


After all that work.

We had another thought.

We have this lovely dresser that Will inherited from his grandmother. Now it's not the fanciest piece of furniture. In fact, it is very, very plain, but well built out of solid pieces of wood. And despite lots of neglect, is relatively sturdy. Maybe. Just maybe, we turn over this dresser to a woodworker and have it rehabbed into a vanity. The top taken off. Reinforced so it would support marble. Drawers cut into to allow for plumbing. I think it just might be beautiful. Very unpretentious. And homey. And eco-friendly. Nothing greener than repurposing what you already own.

Then, I could put a tongue-and-groove wainscoting around the bathroom and add a 5" marble ledge at the top of the wainscoting along the sink wall. Similar to this photo here.

From the Kohler and Cottage Living 2007 Idea House in New Orleans

Pretty concept vanity or eco-friendly vintage vanity?


  1. I like the idea of using the dresser. Will you do a vessel sink like in the picture?

  2. No vessel sink. I love the way they look, but I already dislike cleaning the caulked area around my self-rimming sinks. I worry that vessel sinks may be worse.

  3. The vanity may look good, but the surface might be too small to accommodate your need, I'm afraid. You may have already measured it out, but that's how it looks in the picture.

  4. I think the surface should be okay. It will probably come down to cost and drawer function.


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