Monday, February 1, 2010

Mutable onyx

I've never seen a natural stone change so much under different lighting. The tile salesperson did warn us when he checked out our sample.

In daylight, the Green Persian Pistachio onyx looks glorious. Hints of spring green. Smoky translucent depths. Subtle swirls. Though the sample we took home was much more muted than the spectacular display board, it was still lovely.

Under incandescent lights, the gorgeous green turns putrid and bilious. The smoky depths become murky and flat. It's like a Jekyll and Hyde stone.

I'd basically given up on the idea of using it (master bath floor) until I took these photos of it in daylight. See? So pretty!

Someone with a better lighting budget (or perhaps a bathroom that's flooded with daylight), please use this stone!

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