Wednesday, February 10, 2010


A snow day today so instead of the regularly scheduled errands and extracurriculars, I'm researching and designing. I've been hunting for the perfect master bath vanity for awhile now, from Restoration Hardware/Pottery Barn to Home Depot to Costco and a zillion online places. Nada. Nothing that makes me perk up and say, "That! That is the one!"

So we're designing our own. Here are our inspirations.

This lovely piece is from Provence et Fils. The mirrors are a bit much for me, but I absolutely love the encased backsplash with wood shelf and detailing.

It reminds me of this Pottery Barn piece that I also love: the Lucca single sink console. I don't particularly like the way that the sides come forward on the countertop. I think the Provence et Fils piece offers a similar feel with more usable space.

And because our master bath is very small and needs all the storage it can get, we're incorporating elements of this Pottery Barn classic single wide sink console.

I sketched out something freehand, and my husband translated my sketch to something more detailed on Google SketchUp. I love the result, but am also a bit nervous about it. After all, I'm not a trained interior decorator or a restoration historian. I'm very interested to discover what the responses and the bids to build out will be. We'll see.

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