Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cinnamon bananas

sauteed in butter. Warm, delicious, nutritious fare for breakfast or a snack, especially on a cold day. After cleaning her plate, my middlest sprout said seriously, "You should make this every day, but not on the days that we don't have bananas." My littlest sprout yelled, "Is this candy?!?"

This is not exactly a recipe. More like a general "how to."

Cinnamon bananas sauteed in butter
bananas peeled and cut twice (once lengthwise and once across)
brown sugar
unsalted butter

Melt a little butter in a heavy pan (nonstick or cast iron). Not a lot. Just enough so the bananas don't stick. Meanwhile sprinkle flat side of banana with brown sugar and a touch of cinnamon to taste. Let butter get hot, but not brown. Place bananas flat side down. Cook until they're warm and a bit caramelized. Flip over. Cook a bit longer. Serve.

Thanks to my next door neighbors for this breakfast idea. I didn't remember their exact instructions so any flaws are mine. I used a bit more than a tablespoon of sugar for three medium, not-very-sweet bananas.

I know. I ruined a perfectly good banana with sugar. And my kids will gladly eat undoctored bananas. I rationalized my decision this way. This takes the place of an unhealthier treat like waffles or cinnamon buns. From the responses I got, my sprouts were just as enthusiastic about the cinnamon bananas.

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  1. Ok--I know this is going way back but it was in your LinkWithin. These look unbelievable. I wish I had bananas to run into the kitchen this very moment and make these.


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