Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A bluebonnet after a blizzard

The big after-holidays blizzard of 2010 has come and gone. We stayed home for the holidays so were spared the traffic gridlock and cancelled flights. Aside from the marathon session of snow shoveling and clearing that followed, the blizzard left us relatively unscathed. We lit our first fire in the fireplace. Just for ambiance.

And I played with my camera.

The light quality late Sunday afternoon, as the snows began to blow in earnest, was fantastical. Ethereal. Straight out of a fairy tale.

The aftermath? required muscles and a willingness to get really, really cold. I cleared some paths by hand while Will cleared the driveway. My neighbors refuse to believe me, but I really like shoveling snow. But then again, I kind of like to vacuum too so maybe I'm just odd.

The dogs were uncertain.

And everything...everything was blanketed in white.

One good thing about being stuck home in a blizzard? Work on the kitchen has finally begun again. I hope to have some new photos to show you soon.

Stay warm!


  1. Oh, yay!...Looking forward to more photos of your wonderful kitchen! What a great, warm & cozy place to be when the world is all white and beautiful outside.

  2. Awesome shots!! We got a lot, too in VIrginia and yes, it was such a magical feeling being out there shooting photos and watching it whirl around you, as if each flake was dancing. I will not forget it for some time to come.

  3. Thanks! I hope you have a wonderful new year's eve and a very happy new year!


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