Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fort Revere in Hull, MA

I recently spent a couple of days solo at Hull, MA. Ocean waves and solitude. A very effective cure for Exploding Head Syndrome and cases of chronic Stressitis.

If you're ever in the area, I suggest a quick trip to Fort Revere Park, an 8-acre historic site on the top of Telegraph Hill. On your way, stop at Weinberg's Bakery for a coffee, sandwich (I recommend the turkey with pesto), and a lobster tail to go. A very tasty pastry, their lobster tail features a crisp shell, light creamy filling with just the right amount of sweetness, and a fluff of powdered sugar. Yum.

Once at Fort Revere Park, enjoy your picnic and a spectacular panoramic view of Boston Harbor, Hingham Bay, and Hull Village. The park offers a water tower with observation deck and military history museum. Both were still closed for the season during my visit. The grounds also include remains of two seacoast fortifications (unfortunately much graffitied). Rooms with fireplaces and barred windows and tunnels offer a glimpse into a lost past.

The crumbling forts seem like the ideal setting for children's imaginary adventures. However, I'd keep a close eye on young ones.

Off in the distance, the Boston Light lighthouse flashed its urgent beam from a small rocky outcrop of land. Boston Light is the "first light station established on the North American continent, and the last in the United States to be automated. It's also our only light station that still retains an official keeper" (from New England Lighthouses: A Virtual Guide). I had no zoom lens with me that day so the lighthouse remains far off in the distance.

To one side, I could see a town rising gently out of the ocean. Waves crashed against rocky fortifications. Large, gracious houses, sunbleached to shades of pale, were gracefully arrayed on the slopes. Toy cars flashed metallic as they swept along winding roads. A few anchored boats bobbed delicately in the swells.

My marshmallow-hearted romantic side recalled the idyllic seaside towns in Miyasaki movies like Kiki's Delivery Service. And I watched this sight for a long, long time before driving back to town.

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