Saturday, September 12, 2009

Diagnose me this is just pissing me off.

You may or may not remember my flight to Boston to close on our house. That weird spell that I had mid-flight. I'd written that off as an isolated anxiety attack. It was to be expected, right? I had been stressed for months, and combined with a tighter-than-normal seating arrangement, resulted in an anxiety attack.

But it has happened since then. A few times. For no reason. With no predictable trigger. But the feeling is always the same. The sensation of being unable to get any air. Which gets much worse if I try to lie down. The weird tingling at the back of my scalp and in my hands and feet. My pulse racing. The lightheadness. It feels horrible. Awful. There's no feeling of sudden terror so is it a panic attack? I guess I'm under some stress still, but I'm not feeling particularly anxious. Or not much more anxious than my normal slightly neurotic self.

And now today. It struck while I was being driven home from the mall. Lunch at the food court (Chick Fil A...the children have been asking for this for months), girls' sandals on sale for next summer, some cheapie Children's Place play clothes, and some new sale Dansko clogs for me. Fine. Normal. Everyday.

And then this. But it hasn't gone away. I've been feeling this inability to catch my breath off and on for hours. It has really started to worry me. I googled it. You should never google anything medical. This should be a life rule.

I don't have a doctor here, so diagnose me. What is it? Panic disorder? Anxiety disorder? This is a really great time to develop some psychiatric disorder. Asthma? It seems to happen more when my sinuses are acting up. It seems unrelated to physical exertion because I've been exercising (brisk walking, elliptical machines, bike rides) with no ill effect. And yes, I'll be looking for a doctor. A real one. Not here on the internet.

Now Will googled it and is launching into pulmonary this and sarcoidosis that. Oh my God, I've become an episode of House! Unfortunately, I think whatever doctor I manage to find will be no Hugh Laurie... :-)

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  1. Have you gone in yet? My first thought was that it could be allergic asthma because you said it's been when your sinuses (and allergies?) are acting up. Could be walking pneumonia, too. Find a doctor and let them figure it out and make you better.


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