Saturday, July 2, 2011

Welcome to summer

Back to reality. It's a jarring transition after an idyllic few days in Provincetown with my parents. There's something utterly charming about Provincetown. It reminds me a bit of Miyazaki's quaint seaside towns (if they were populated by the LGBT community).

Here's my youngest, channeling the P-Town mojo.

Of course, any day is a good day when it starts out with fried, sugared dough. The famed malassadas at the Provincetown Portuguese Bakery lived up to their rep. Their texture is amazingly airy, especially when they're hot and fresh out of the fryer. Warning: this is not a ladylike treat. The combination of grease and superfine sugar clings to your fingers like a second skin. You'll be sticky and sublimely happy.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for hosting this great start to our summer. Sun, seafood, sand...and family. Welcome to summer.


  1. Oh my goodness. I now think I have to try frying some bread dough, but I'm thinking it could be a baaaad idea....

    Maybe I'll start with the gingery noodles instead!

  2. ooooooooh droooool droooool. you make it sound so goood. and the pictures!

  3. Soooo envious. Have to admit I'm not much a beach vacationer type...I'd rather jaunt around jolly old england. But the one beachy area I always felt instantly relaxed at is Cape Cod. I spent many a summer vacation bumming off my friends who had a house in Eastham and we'd head up to Provincetown for the whale watching, ride bikes on the paths next to the dunes and eat an outrageous amount of seafood. Hope you had fun!

  4. Fry up some dough! Live dangerously! And don't forget the superfine sugar. (The sugar balances out the grease.) :)

    Mary, Those sound like some fantastic times at the Cape! I hope to take the family to England sometime in the next few years. I'll have to ask you for some suggestions if we go.


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