Friday, July 22, 2011

Sgroppino, an Italian cocktail

Sgroppino is my new favorite summertime cocktail.

...And yes, now that I re-read my blog, I notice that I've been writing a lot about cocktails lately. It must be my muse of the season. Or, more prosaically, it has been too hot and too full of summer activities to cook.

After these past five days of barely surviving nerve-shredding Beacon Hill traffic, I'm savoring a moment of peace and a flute of light, refreshing Sgroppino.

What's not to like about it? Its Italian cadences practically roll off your tongue. Sgroppino. Just saying it, with its easy flow of liquid syllables, evokes warmth, romance, possibility. Its ingredients? So simple. Prosecco, vodka, lemon sorbet, and mint. In this case, apple mint from our garden.

Sgroppino, an Italian cocktail
Adapted from the original by Giada De Laurentiis, published on The Food Network

1 cup chilled Prosecco (Italian sparkling white wine)
2 tablespoons chilled vodka
1/3 cup frozen lemon sorbet
1/4 teaspoon fresh mint leaves

Gently bruise or muddle mint leaves in 2 Champagne flutes. Spoon a scoop of sorbet into each flute. Pour the Prosecco and vodka into the flutes, dividing equally. Serve immediately.

Alla salute!

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  1. This sounds so refreshing! In weather like this, it's definitely easier to get inventive with a shaker than with a flame. Thanks for sharing.


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