Sunday, May 1, 2011

Magic lanterns...and redecorating spring festival style

This morning over coffee and a bagel, I fell head over heels for a lighting piece.

Isn't it magical? And by the way, darn you for this temptation,  New York Times' T Magazine. (Photo by Coppi Barbieri, via the New York Times)

The basket chandelier designed by Marco Dessi for J. & L. Lobmeyr. This is not simply a light fixture. It's an illuminated work of art. The basket is created from glass tubes bent in hexagons and stacked into a shape inspired by traditional lanterns. The creation is woven with silk cords and lit by a twisted spiral of halogen bulbs.

So, will a Dessi basket be coming home? Not likely. My low-ceilinged Colonial has nowhere to showcase this gem. More to the point, it costs as much as I'm hoping to spend on my master bathroom renovation. Hmmm...incredible jewel of a light fixture or a new bathroom without a Tupperware lid glued to the shower ceiling? When put like that, it's not really a hard decision, is it?

I did do a little spring redecorating. Let's say it was inspired by our local spring festival. Or rather, using things brought home from our local spring festival. (If you were there and saw a man wearing a silly balloon hat, that was my husband. The good sport.)

An homage to Friday's royal wedding?

It's not Chihuly, but it does have a certain something, doesn't it? Speaking of Chihuly, I still haven't gone to the Museum of Fine Arts Boston's Chihuly: Through the Looking Glass exhibit. I've been an enormous fan of Dale Chihuly's since I saw his Chihuly: alla Macchia exhibition years ago. I can't wait to go.


  1. Those light fixtures are absolutely stunning! Low ceilings or not, I like to show pieces like those to the hubs. They make my eventual selections look like bargains. The spring festival sounds like it was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh droooool! Those are marvelous. I agree with lax, always good to show the husb what high home fashion goes for!

    Love your balloon art. The next big trend, perhaps?

  3. Good idea! I'll seem so low-maintenance/budget-conscious in comparison.


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